Competition Format

This is a team-based Competition opened for all local primary and secondary schools. Each school may send up to 3 teams to the Competition (first 2 teams are prior to enter to the competition). Each team may have 2 to 5 team members and 1-2 team instructors. Teams may use either Cantonese or English to compete in the Competition.

Teams participate in the Competition according to their grades and age groups:
Division A: aged 19 or below (Secondary 4 to Secondary 6)
Division B: aged 17 or below (Primary 4 to Primary 6 or Secondary 1 to Secondary 3)
Division C: aged 13 or below (Primary 4 to Primary 6)

The Competition consists of two parts: Installation Design (ID) & Mission Encounter (ME).

Installation Design (ID)

Every year, the Secretariat announces a new theme for the Competition. Teams work on their one of a kind installation design revolving around this particular theme and present their final work with judges.

- Designated microcontrollers are required for different divisions
   ■  Division A & B – Arduino
   ■  Division C – micro:bit
- Teams are required to do creative presentation to show their installation design in limited

Mission Encounter (ME)

Mission Encounter (ME) aims to test participants’ ability to code and solve problems.

- Teams will be presented with elementary, intermediate and advanced tasks
- Mission tasks will be revealed to teams when they enter the competition site
- Participants are required to complete the tasks in limited time

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