Competition Format

This is a team-based Competition opened for all local primary and secondary schools. Each school may send up to 3 teams to the Competition. Each team may have 2 to 5 team members and 1-2 team instructors. Teams participate in the Competition according to their grades and age groups:

Division A: aged 19 or below (Secondary 4 to Secondary 6)
Division B: aged 17 or below (Secondary 1 to Secondary 3)
Division C: aged 13 or below (Primary 4 to Primary 6)

The Competition consists of two parts: Installation Design (ID) & Mission Encounter (ME).

Installation Design (ID)

Teams will design and build an installation model with reference to the theme and requirements of the year. The installation design is restricted to a size of 1.5m (W) x 1m (L) x 1m (H); the maximum spending allowed in the purchase of Arduino microcontrollers, shielding and other electronic components is HK$1,560 (US$200); and the maximum number of Arduino microcontrollers that can be incorporated in the installation is 5. During judging, teams will use the first 7 minutes to do a creative presentation to show judges and audience their unique design and how they incorporate different coding diversities in their installation. This presentation is followed by a 5 minutes Q&A session which allows judges to understand better the innovative concepts behind the design.

Apart from fulfilling the ID requirements, teams are also encouraged to use recycled materials when building their installations, as this also constitutes as part of the scoring.

Teams are required to submit to the Secretariat sketches of their Installation Design one week prior to the Competition. In the sketches, teams must state and remark clearly the tasks, especially the compulsory ones, they expect their devices/models to perform during the Installation Design presentation. The sketches do not only detail the journey of how the devices/models work, but also help participants consolidate their understanding in coding.

Mission Encounter (ME)

Mission Encounter (ME) aims to test participants’ actual ability to code and solve problems. At most 3 team members are required to take part in ME. Mission tasks will be revealed to teams when they enter the competition sites.

In ME, teams will be presented with 3 tasks of different levels of difficulty i.e. elementary, intermediate and advanced. Elementary task tests the basic coding knowledge of participants e.g. creating a traffic light controller; intermediate task, also called Mysterious Mission Encounter (MME), tests participant analogical reasoning skills e.g. manipulating an unseen electronic component to complete a familiar task; advanced task tests participants’ ability to troubleshoot e.g. identifying and correcting wrongly-wired electric circuit.

The elementary task is mandatory, team must complete this task before they proceed to others. Teams are encouraged to complete all three tasks if time allows. However, if time is insufficient, team will then need to make a strategic decision whether they would finish an easier task which accounts for a lower score i.e. MME or a more advanced task which accounts for a higher score.

Time limitation for all ME tasks is 30 minutes.

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