Competition Components

Competition Components

This is a team-based Competition opened for all local primary and secondary schools. Each school may send up to 10 teams to the Competition. Each team may have 2 team members and 1 team instructor. All enrollments will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Teams may use either Cantonese or English to compete in the Competition.

Teams participate in the Competition according to their grades and age groups:

Division I :  age under 9   (Primary 1 to 2)

Division II:  age under 13 (Primary 3 to 5)

Division III: age under 16 (Secondary 1 to 3)

Registration fee for each team is HK$400. Enrolled teams can join the Workshop held by the organiser free of charge (first-come-first-served basis).

The four main components in the Competition are: 

1. Creation Record

Teams are required to prepare the Creation Record of their 4D Frame Design during the Competition period, and submit at the end of the Competition time. The Creation Record serves to detail the journey of how the 4D Frame model works. 

2. 4D Frame Model Design

Teams will design a 4D Frame model by using the materials provided in the Competition with reference to the topics and guideline of the year. Teams will have 3 hours to complete the 4D Frame model. No score will be given for any incomplete works after the Competition. 

3. Mission Achievement (For Division II or above)

Mission Achievement aims to test participants’ actual ability to 4D Frame spatial structure and problem-solving during the creative design process. Mission tasks will be revealed to teams at the time the topics and guidelines announced. For different divisions, specific requirement will be given in the guidelines. Teams have to test the 4D Frame model and try to complete the mission tasks within the competition period.  

As time is limited for doing the Creation Record, building the 4D Frame model and finishing the mission tasks, teams will then need to make a strategic decision for better time management and work in cooperation to get the highest scores.

4. Team Carpet Design

Enrolled teams are required to submit the Carpet to the Secretariat on the day of the Competition. The size of Carpet is 1m x 2m (horizontal). The Team Carpet will serve to the below purposes:

   - To be the scene setting of the 4D Frame model
   - To provide a comfortable place to sit during competition

The carpet design with 4D Frame model will be scored as a whole.

**The Secretariat of Hong Kong 4D Frame Maths & Science Creativity Competition reserves the right of final decision on all subject matters of the Competition. **


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